Ridge Vent Installation

Most reputable roofers in Boston and other major American cities would agree that besides the commitment to installing a complete roofing system rather than just shingles and tar paper, a ridge vent is one of the most important parts of any roofing project.

Why? Because ridge vents allow your roof to breathe by expelling hot air from the attic space in the dead of summer, and stale moist air from the space in during winter.

Ridge vent installation is a routine part of the complete roof replacement package we've been installing all over the Boston area.

After we strip the shingles and prep your dormers, roof edges, and valleys, we'll work our way up to the ridge and install the vent from end to end. For a quick demo, check out the video above.

What is the Massachusetts ridge vent law?

Yes, ridge vents are required in Massachusetts.

For more information you can read this PDF from the Massachusetts state website.

Why is installing a ridge vent important?

Like most roof vents, a ridge vent serves to keep your home cooler in the summer by sucking in cool air and discharging hot air. This can lead to significant savings on power bill because you won't have to depend as heavily on air conditioning and other cooling methods. Additionally, ridge vents can help prevent your home from becoming excessively damp in the summer season by allowing most of the heat and excess moisture to escape the attic space.

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