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Final Product: Charcoal Shingles on a Hip Roof (Colonial Style House)

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On August 1, 2016, Roof Hub installed completely new Charcoal shingles on this Green Colonial home on Haydn Street in Roslindale, MA.

When these Haydn Street homeowners called Roof Hub out to Roslindale, their Hip roof was 31 years old. Built in 1935, the Colonial home needed some professional help.

On August 1, 2016, we arrived in Roslindale and removed 2 shingle layers. Next, we installed Roof Hub’s complete roofing system, including the Charcoal shingles you’ll see in the photos on this page.

More Project Details

When the homeowner originally called us out for the estimate, he said that the reason he was replacing the roof was because shingles were falling off the back side of the roof because of the roof’s age. The shingles were in tough shape, with some falling off.

Replacing Extra Wood

Most homes need at least some wood replacement before new shingles are installed.

This house in particular needed 40+ 1×8 sheets of wood replaced along the roof’s eaves.

Carefully Removing Shingles on City Homes

One challenge for this installation was the proximity of the neighbor’s house. Much like other areas of Roslindale and close Boston subburbs, house can be only 10 feet or so apart from each other. And that was the case with this project. We took extra care to remove as many of the shingles as possible over the top of the roof so they slid down our tarps on the other side. Though more time consuming, this is a necessary practice when replacing roofs in the city.

A Breakdown of this Home’s Roof Pitch

95.6% of the roof on this Roslindale house had a 8/12 pitch. The remaining 4.4% was a 5/12 pitch, which was present on the dormers you see at the top level of the home.

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