How It Works

Our team has decades of roofing experience and has certainly "seen it all." When we started Roof Hub, we combined all the common complaints about the industry and developed solutions to eliminate the pain homeowners feel when getting their roof replaced. The result saves homeowners like you both time and money.

Read below for an overview of our time-tested, customer-first process:

Step #1

Request Your Free Quote

Simply submit your basic information (name, address, email) and we'll use advanced satellite imagery to measure your roof, then manually review the results to guarantee accuracy.

How accurate? Our success rate is over 98%, compared to around 70% when a roofer measure by hand.

Once requested, your personalized quote will take approximately 10-12 hours prepare.

Step #2

Conveniently Review Your Quote

Our online estimate process means you'll avoid the in-home roof presentation (that often leads to an unwanted hard sell). Instead, review the information in private including detailed videos of our product and process.

Since we remove the middle man (a.k.a the salesperson), we're able to pass their would-be commission on to you. This is one of many reasons that the Roof Hub system is one of the best values in the industry.

Our roofing experts are available for questions every day of the week. Click here for exact hours.

Step #3

Choose Roof Hub

We're one of only 3% of roofers to earn GAF's Master Elite Contractors certification. You can be comfortable knowing your home will be taken care of by one of the manufacturer's preferred roofers.

Once you give the go-ahead, we'll email your agreement immediately. This saves you the hassle of a "back and forth" as well as inconvenient up-charges that come with shipping and postage.

You'll feel comfortable knowing every "next step" along the way because all agreements include a guaranteed installation date range.

For contracts signed today, lead time for roof replacement is 10-15 Days.

Step #4

Personalized Project Conceirge

Because you chose Roof Hub, there's no need to worry about project coordination. We'll take care of all that!

From permits, to dumpsters, to materials, and cleanup.

Step #5

Time-Tested Roof Installation Process

We treat your home like we would our own.

Installation day begins with a friendly knock on the door before we begin laying tarps around the entire perimeter of your home. Consider your siding, landscaping and flower beds 100% protected!

Unlike other roofers, we only install one set of roofing materials because it's the only way we can confidently protect your home from any weather the East Coast throws at it.

When you return home from work, there's a 99% chance your new roof will be completely installed. That's right, we complete almost all residential roofs in less than one working day!

Step #6

Lifetime Transferrable Warranty

For the next 50 years, your home is protected by a lifetime transferable warranty. If you sell the home, the warranty passes along to the next homeowner making it a great equity boost.

After the installation is complete and paid for, we'll register your warranty with GAF. Within 4-8 weeks, you'll receive your copy in the mail to keep for your records.

You Ready To Get Started?

It all starts today. Request your free quote now and we'll get to work on your roof measurements. Within 12-24 hours, your free quote will be sitting in your inbox!

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